Friday, April 11, 2014

Why Draw Nudes?

I recently had someone come up to me and ask me, why do you only draw nude women?  The tone of the question threw me off quite a bit, as if I was being judged because of my choice of art.

I have been a figure artist since I was a youngster, drawing my own versions of Spider-Man, The Hulk, and other Marvel heroes.  When I got to college, I naturally gravitated to figure art. I excelled at life drawing class, and found that drawing female curves and muscle tone was challenging, yet rewarding. 

I cannot tell people enough how much I love my choice of subject matter.  I consider the female form God's most beautiful creation, and I am not alone.  Artists throughout history have constantly depicted the female nude in many different media and forms.

I especially love creating art of nude women, especially commissions of wives for their husbands.  I've had the pleasure to work with so many couples, and I realize what a special gift a nude portrait is for a loved one. 

So, to answer the original question, I draw nude portraits because I like it, I'm good at it, and it gives enjoyment to people.  It celebrates one of nature's most beautiful forms.  I hope you enjoy it too.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Updated Nude Art

I always like to post new artwork here, and in this case I get to post 3 that, to me, are like new.

I was very happy that my good friend, Master Photographer Thom Rouse, agreed to shoot some of my artwork once again, including reshooting some of my older work of Playboy Cyber Girl Carlotta Champagne and Playmate Lindsey Vuolo, as well as the final, professional quality shot of the most recent art of my friend Misty Dawn.  

In order to show my art as close as it really looks, and to sell prints on my Fine Art America site, I have to get them shot by a professional like Thom--a small digital camera just won't work.  And, in the case of the art of Carlotta, I made significant changes to it after I had it shot in 2007, for showing at Glamourcon.  For 7 years the images I posted just never looked as it does hanging in our house, and it bothered me.  So I'm happy to present it as it really looks here.

As for the art of the voluptuous Lindsey Vuolo, I always thought the original was a bit fuzzy, and not very sharp.  Now, I used a lot of tissue to create a very soft shading technique that I used when I redrew it (see how it first looked here).  But I told Thom that something seemed off, and needed it redone.

Of course, the primary reason for Thom's shoot was for the drawing of Misty Dawn, the project that took me nearly 10 years to complete.  At the time I started, it was the largest drawing I ever attempted. I really tried to use a lot of shading on this piece of art, as it creates more interest, and more eroticism.

I hope you enjoy these updated images.  Please, please, please, leave any comments you wish.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

After 10 Long Years, Brand New Nude Art!

Finally, after nearly 10 years, I can officially unveil this portrait of Playboy Cybergirl Misty Dawn, based mostly on photos taken by photographer Sam T'ang.

I met Misty online at the old  Playboy Cyber Club when she was first published as Cyber Girl of the Week in August 2004.  She impressed me with her down to earth honesty, her sarcastic and self deprecating sense of humor, and of course, her beauty.  I decided create a large portrait of Misty, and took several of Sam's photos as reference that September.  Then life got in the way.

Besides going through some life-changing events over that time, I was getting a lot of nice paying commissions, and this piece was just put  aside time and again, sometimes for a few years.  I did refocus on this piece recently, however, and in between some other work, I was able to complete it this month.

The above photo of the art will be re shot and uploaded here in a couple of weeks, and then prints and the original will be available for sale.  Please write me to comment on the art, good or bad.  Thanks!

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

I can't believe that is has been almost 2 months since I last wrote an email to you!  Between my day job, my night job, family commitments and the weather, this has been one of the craziest Holiday Seasons I have ever had.

I am excited to say that I am about to start a major commission very shortly, and will finish a drawing that has taken nearly 10 years (off and on) to complete. Since I kind of bogged down after we finished the big Marilyn Monroe gift for our son last year, I'm excited to get working again, as there are some 'special' projects that I want to do this year of Playmates and Internet models to enhance the portfolio.  Stay tuned, as I will send updates as I can.

In the meantime, please enjoy this art from 7 years ago of one of the best fine art nude models I've seen, Ann Mitch.  Her supple body could be twisted into so many great poses, she is a truly spectacular lady.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

From Photo to Art: Sabrina

One of my most challenging, yet rewarding commissions, was a portrait pinup illustration I did for a wine label.  I was hired by the owners of Wein-Bauer Inc. , a wine distribution company in the Chicago area, to create a pinup style color illustration for one of their vintages, and the model was to be their daughter, Sabrina Bauer.

The clients hired my photographer friend, Rob Domaschuk (who also shot the reference shots for me of Playboy model Carlotta Champagne.  Rob rented a studio in Elmhurst, where met Sabrina, her mother and her MUA friend.  Although this was Sabrina's first professional photography shoot, she was a natural pinup--striking beauty, lovely curves, and she took direction very well.  The session went very well, and after a couple of hours, Rob shot some nice pics, and we eventually chose the top photo as reference.

 I drew an outline of the photo in pencil on Bristol board,  and then proceeded to start coloring Sabrina's hair.  I wanted to add a lot of detail and contrast there. (2nd Photo)  I moved down to her face and arms to get the proper blend of colors for her skin tones.  Colored pencil is different than my normal medium, graphite, which I mostly blend with my fingers.  Colored pencil won't blend that way, so I needed to layer different colors on top of each other, then use the colorless blender to smooth out the edges.  It takes more patience on my part to get the desired results

I really concentrated on the skin tones and hair first, as they were the more difficult parts to capture.  As you can see from photos #3 and #4, I gradually built up the colors on Sabrina's arms and legs.  I also made her dress much tighter and shorter.  As you can see from the reference photos, I started working on her shoes at this point, trying to get a more slender shoe style.

In Photo #5, you can see that I had a the dress almost completed, and began working on the stool on which she sat. While I was still working on the skin tones, Sabrina was for the most part complete.  The drawing is being to take shape, and some of the minor elements, like the wine glass, are being detailed.

Photo #6 shows the completed drawing as delivered to the client.  Per their suggestions, the stool was changed completely from what I originally laid out.  the dress was white with blue tones to create the folds and shading, as was the stool cover (slightly darker).  I emphasized the tones in Sabrina's legs, with some white highlighting, and made her lips ruby red, as befits the retro style pinup. And I made her shoes into pumps, so they would be more slender to accentuate her legs.

Overall, everyone was happy with the product; however, it didn't photograph well and was too wide proportionately for the wine label, and couldn't be used.  It was disappointing, but Sabrina was very happy with  the art, and she took it for her personal use.  This made the whole project extremely satisfying--while I didn't make the cut for the label, a young lady was very pleased with the artwork, which is a great thing.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Learning From the Master Leonardo

I recently saw a documentary on our local PBS station about one of my favorite artists of all time, Leonardo da Vinci. One of my favorite artists of all time, and especially of the Renaissance, da Vinci was the true Renaissance man---artist, inventor, mathematician, scientist.  He is credited with being the first person to study the biology of the human body by dissecting cadavers, his notebooks filled with detailed figure drawings from those dissections.  He also studied how water moved, he even drew designs for the first flying machines

One of Leonardo's painting trademarks was the use of sfumato, which is a style that eliminates the use of contour lines and creates outlines with the use of color only. It gives the art a 'smoky' effect, which can add drama and realism to the painting.  One of his most famous examples is the portrait he painted known as Mona Lisa.

I have always been a fan of the sfumato technique, and often incorporate a version of it in my drawings.  Below is an example of my "Renaissance" style, an art class project I did, in which I borrowed heavily from the master of both technique and subject matter.  This Madonna and Child was drawn with charcoal pencil on charcoal paper, it was the preliminary drawing for a painting.  I tried to use the 'smoky' technique in the folds of Our Lady's gown, the background, and the skin folds.

In this drawing of  Playboy's very first Cyber Girl of the Year, Alicia Burley, I tried to use the shading to distinguish the various body parts from each other.  Alicia has such lovely curves, and this art seemed to lend itself to using a variation of the sfumato technique.
In my progression as an artist, it's important not to stagnate.  After watching this special on da Vinci, I have decided to try to incorporate the <b>shading sfumato</b> again in my art.  I hope you'll like it.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Holidays!

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