Sunday, May 17, 2015

Interview with Playboy Model Carlotta Champagne

I recently did an interview with Playboy Model and Cyber Girl Carlotta Champagne, a follow-up to one I did a few years ago.  It was a good time for us to catch up.  And read all the way through for a special offer on Carlotta prints!

It’s been several years since I last interviewed you……what is the latest news about your modeling career ?
<b>Nothing to report on, haha! I'm still working with artists, making images, being creative and causing a raucous with my nudity.

You recently moved to Los Angeles from Florida….how do you think this will impact your modeling career?
I really don't know! Los Angeles has so many opportunities. Perhaps more acting and video work will expand my modeling horizon a bit.

You were a Playboy Special Editions Model and Cyber Girl of the Week…Any plans for more Playboy shoots in the future?
I really don't know! I work with Playboy radio somewhat frequently so it's always possible for more big photoshoots as well.

You have a variety of interests outside modeling….what is your favorite down time activity?
I have so many!! I love dance classes at the gym, reading, watching movies, painting... I can't narrow it down.

How long would you like to continue as a nude model? Can you see yourself doing this for several more years, given your extraordinary beauty?
I'm going to do this as long as I can, as long as I still feel good about myself.

Have your post –modeling plans changed since our last interview?
Probably, I don't have any set plans right now. My entire life is up in the air, and it feels completely amazing..

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Friday, April 3, 2015

Art of Jax Turyna to Be Auctioned for Vets

Help support the troops!  The auction for this original of model & actress Jax Turnya is on now!  You can own my original portrait of Jax, based on photo reference by Ralph Hasletine, by placing a bid here. All proceeds from the auction of this original art work will be used to to entertain our troops overseas and those still wounded in VA Hospitals all over the world.

If you want a cheaper alternative, than you can purchase a quality 14" x 11" canvas print for only $50, and $10 will be donated to this cause.  Jax brought one to the office, and it looks great!

Help our troops, own some art and help the cause of our heroes!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I Don't Just Draw Nudes

Every once in a while I will do something that is not pinup or nude art based. This painting was originally a birthday gift for my wife 15 years ago. She wanted a painting that would fit in our upstairs hallway, and, being the decorator, she was very specific on what elements and styles she chose.

One thing that she insisted upon was the use of a technique know as imapasto in the hill. Since it's not normally my style of painting, it did take some practice, but the effect is very cool; it gives the painting a sculpted, 3 dimensional look.

For her birthday this year, she asked me to update some colors in the hill, such as adding green vegetation, and some burgundy in the rocks. She also wanted more separation between the castle and the mountain in the background, so I added more grey for a misty, atmospheric effect.

Painting landscapes is a fun, but occasional, diversion from my usual nude figures, which are more in my wheelhouse. Contact me at Fine Art America with any comments or questions.

 photo 80885a27-4f1d-40e2-bf47-d2b3d81c39f1_zpsfc8f8662.jpg

Monday, March 9, 2015

More Naked Wives

A couple of commissions for a client of his beautiful wife.  The subject is over 50 years old. but you'd never know it based on her wonderful photos.  Enjoy.  Contact me a with any comments or questions.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Art of the (Color) Nude

It's obvious that I love illustrating nude women.  I feel I am very proficient in graphite.  But I've decided that this is the year for me to stretch myself, and work in different media.

The below images are 2 of the 3 commissioned by a client of his (now ex-) wife.  Each was based on nude illustrations that he found, & I added her head to them.  Although I did have some nudes of the lady herself, they were only for facial reference.

I really liked this project, as I had only done a few colored pencil nudes before. This forced me to look at the female nude in color, rather than breaking down the reference photos into black & white tones.

I am really happy with these illustrations; I thought I did well establishing her skin tones, her curves, etc.  Almost the quintessential 'Naked Wife' in my portfolio. 

Contact me with any comments or questions.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Playboy's Heather Bauer Redux

Here's another piece of art that I recently updated, of Playboy CyberGirl and Special Editions model Heather Bauer.

I originally did this drawing in 2008, at Heather's request, based on an anonymous photographers photos.  The shots were different than her Special Editions and Cyber Girl pictorials in Playboy, as they were artsy, boudoir and more sensual, with lots of shadows.  When I originally did the art, I focused more  on her figure, her mood, but did not shade anything i the background, like I usually do.

I concentrated mostly on shading the corners to close in the drawing, and darkening some spots on Heather's body.  I also softened the shading around her butt; it was too liney, so I shaded it more,  with softer edges, so it would be more sensual. I also reworked her left eye.

These are the after and before shots, of course.  The reworked drawing will be reshot professionally very soon, and uploaded on my site and available for sale in prints, pillows and licensing then.  What do you think?  Contact me here with any comments or questions